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Testimonial from Radio Host Anthony Colbert

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PSA: Today on Wednesday August 28, 2019. I had the opportunity of interviewing an amazing woman. 

The woman being; Queen Kimberly Arrington. After listening to her shows for a great length of time. I knew that she would be someone that I'd like to interview for my radio show "In One Word". One of my primary reasons for wanting to do so, was this. Out of all of the relationship shows, the so called guru's, and expert's. She was the only person the hit the mark. Simply meaning, that she was neutral in her approach to relationships. 

I can recall the very first time that I heard one of her shows. I immediately said to myself, that it was so refreshing to hear from a woman who wasn't bashing men; as well as not siding with her own gender.

So after I listened to the very first show, I find myself listening to even more of her shows as she simply continued to remain neutral throughout each show. 

Once again I have to say this because out of all of these relationship pundits, guru's, and so called expert's. She did it for me. However, once I got the opportunity to  converse with her on not just relationships, but on worldly matters as well. 

I can truly say that she's a highly intelligent next level type of woman. 

Today for me was a wonderful day, because I finally got the opportunity to interview her, and her and I had so much fun. I greatly appreciated her vast knowledge as it relates to relationships.

 As well as the fact that she's a real authentic person who enjoys laughter as well. She is truly an amazing woman and I'm going to continue to have her on my show. Because before it's all said and done, she going to leave a large foot print on society. 

Kim you are a Godsend and I encourage other's to follow her show; as well as other endeavors.

Anthony Colbert 


Check out our official interview right here click link